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Jews are only 2 percent of America, yet they dominate the controlling money for both Democrats and Republicans.That is certainly the perfect illustration of the word: Oligarchy.“I feel like we’re saturating ourselves with the desire to be with somebody and not actually just going out and living our life and being open and giving ourselves a chance. Where is there any room for honesty, for authentic feeling (beyond sexual arousal)? They say their “direct” method eschews the Jedi mind tricks and ridiculous aliases of the “indirect” school.And the pool of respectable gentlemen is narrowing.” Three cheers for Sarah! With all the trickery going on here, we only distance ourselves further from the chance for anything genuine at all. “It is ‘natural game’ and it’s direct,” Marshall says.Then again, the whole thing is about performance – gender is one big long performance, an imitation that really has no original in the first place, and why shouldn’t we just learn to be different at it? Here’s more: “What we’ve got now is a big generation of closet heterosexuals being quite asexual in their approach to women.I dunno, maybe because nothing is honest in this world anymore! They become their best friend, but their own worst enemies.Everything from advertising to movies to TV to music to fashion treats women like objects to be used for male sexual graitification, objects that couldn’t possibly have a sexuality of their own to express, but men are ‘sexually neutered’ – sure, I’ll buy that. Don’t talk to the “hot babe” (HB) or “super hot babe” (SHB) you’re interested in; talk to her friend and look like you’re having a great time. “In the year or so I’ve been in the Lair I’ve approached probably 10,000 women and slept with about 100.” But he says there was a problem with the [emphasis mine] “Sarah” is that sort of target.Next try a “neg” — a backhanded compliment to show the woman you are indifferent to her beauty. ”; “Nice dress — I saw it on another girl just a minute ago.”) Once the HB’s interest is piqued, you could lead her up a “yes ladder”, asking questions that require an obvious affirmative answer. She believes she uncovered a pick-up artist on a date last year.

“He said to me ‘you’re not a 9 or a 10 but, I don’t know, I was intrigued’.” A classic “neg”, but Sarah wasn’t biting.“There’s no serendipity or consideration for the other person’s feelings.It was just so male-centric and one-sided that I was just absolutely disgusted. Sam sent me a link to this article, in Aussie online mag The Age, which is all about these men who earn their living teaching other men to be smarmy in bars and other social events.I post it as fair warning to women: men are willing to pay someone to teach them how to trick you into thinking they are charming so they can get into your pants. Wellington has taken at least a dozen phone numbers tonight, but he has no intention of using them.

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“Being honest; showing that you think they’re attractive; showing that you admire them; or showing your intentions straight off. Maybe I’ll start a business of my own, and I’ll call myself a date doctor, and instead of teaching men sleazy tricks to get into a woman’s pants, I’ll teach them how to actually treat women with respect.

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