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Photo Source: Goodreads Sometimes reading about other people with anxiety can make you more anxious, but Scott Stossel catalogs his experiences with anxiety in a way that is more comforting because he delves into the history of the disorder.

Physical signs and symptoms can sometimes accompany social anxiety disorder and may include: Social anxiety disorder symptoms can change over time.

It lists a year's worth of daily challenges that will help you break out of your comfort zone and confront your anxieties head-on. But it's also a really amazing guide on how to deal with stress and anxiety.

Sapolsky explores the physical link that comes along with anxiety and offers different coping mechanisms so you can stop feeling like you're going to die all the time.

You just feel like everything is bad and that the world is out to get you. It follows a man named Otto who goes on a six day roadtrip with a Buddhist monk named Rinpoche.

Otto asks Rinpoche a lot of questions, but Rinpoche always responds with a riddle.

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See your doctor or mental health professional if you fear and avoid normal social situations because they cause embarrassment, worry or panic.

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