Da brat and david gest dating is chord overstreet dating

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To her credit, Da Brat had longterm relationships with her women, including the young lady pictured above, who put money on her books when she was in prison for assault and battery.

Frost, 48, and Rasheeda, 41, have two sons together.

Oh yea, remember I was tellin’ you all about the Carmen Bryan/Nas book expose’ thingy. She’s really trying to get her lil 15 minutes of fame. She even said she wants to turn the whole hip-hopera into a musical.. Here’s a few links for her upcoming interview in BET is notorious for stupid shit, wackness, ignance’, clown ass rappers, ass and titty shaking, oh and did I mention–Gospel? But this has got to be the dumbest fucking show to ever air; even more shit stained than Or at all for that matter. They would get a swift punch to the nasal bone if I had my way. T put themselves at the number one spot because cause they’re damn sure #1 on my list. I posted a comment on the BET Discussion board as “Zwiqqyred” along with other people appalled at the show and they –So I heard about this early last year waaay before Karrine “Superhoe” Stephans decided to go mainstream media whore. Do they really think black folk are that shallow and mindless that we cackle and knee slap at anything they pull out their ass and throw on the tube? Oh, I remem Why go out of your way to poke fun at your own people instead of uplifting and pointing out the positive that we do. But apparently Nas’ ex/baby mama, Carmen Bryan is set to release her book called :”Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop — Oh, and Did I Mention Love?

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David Gest (Liza Minelli's former husband/punchingbag) and Da' Brat??!! This is like the unholiest of unheterosexual couples EVAR!!