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Danny and Chantay were still together in this episode, which was also Danny's very last.Therefore, it is unclear if they are still a couple or not, as their relationship was never mentioned again.Leia seeks relationship advice from Chantay who tells her about a magazine article that gives tips on how a girl could win back the affections of her boyfriend.So, Leia breaks up with Danny in hopes that he would realize what he's missing and come back around.Boroa is made up of 15th Century farmhouses, rolling hills of farmland and dense forests, but also has a pioneering industrial centre.Interestingly, Boroa has it’s own Michelin starred restaurant.When Danny brings his concerns to their attention, Chantay thinks her boyfriend's jealousy is absurd, whereas Peter completely agrees with Danny and understands where he's coming from, as kissing a best friend's girlfriend (scripted or not) supposedly violates the "bro code." When the musical directors, Declan and Jane, refuse to cut the kiss scene out of the script, Danny (who was struggling with a cold) and Peter come up with a plan to get Peter sick by switching water bottles so he could have a reason not to kiss Chantay.The plan fails when Chantay takes the contaminated bottle away from Peter, completely unaware that it was originally Danny's.

Leia sought advice from Chantay about how to win back Danny, who had been losing interest in their relationship.Chantay advised Leia to follow advice from a magazine that told her to break up with Danny, which would make him come "crawling back".However, this tactic failed, and Danny instead asked out Chantay.The next day, Chantay is seen crying and coughing because she has no choice but to drop out of the play at the last minute because she suddenly has gotten sick.She's furious when she finds out about Danny and Peter's plan. After the musical is over, Danny and Peter patch things up with Chantay by arranging an encore reprisal of "Space Awakening" at Above the Dot, so she could have a second chance to perform.

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Chantay is happy to finally have a chance with Danny but given the circumstances, they both decide that it's best for them to wait a little longer before they make their relationship official, out of respect for Leia.

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