Dating sites for baby boomers

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Dating sites for baby boomers

The app will present you with a list of activities and hobbies that you might enjoy and, if you don’t see your favorite activity on there, simply type it in and it’ll show up on your profile.

The interests range from the common (hiking) to the specific (historical reenactment).

Stitch, a social media platform launched in 2014, is a companionship service for adults 50 and better. After downloading the app (or by logging in on a web browser), it’ll prompt you to sign up by entering your email address.

The emphasis here is on companionship so “Tinder for seniors” this is not, but it’s rather a way for adults to connect around social or romantic needs, or to simply find a tennis partner. Should you abandon and e Harmony for the senior-centric site? Simply click on the confirmation link sent to your email inbox and you’re in.

The thirty-somethings are too active and demanding in terms of nightlife and other activities, whereas many men may prefer the seasoned wise companionship of a woman who has been there and done that.

In other words, both male and female Baby Boomers are in a position to pick and choose who they want to date.

Or meeting the opposite sex, much less handling issues of sexually transmitted diseases. Plus, today’s baby boomer dating world doesn’t remotely resemble the one you knew.

You might feel like your body is old or unattractive. To help you navigate through the online and off-line baby boomer dating jungle be sure to sign up for my free Dating Tips & Relationship Advice Newsletter.

And all these questions and difficulties are magnified for female Boomers.Although there is a wide range of interests to choose from, Stitch’s prepared list of interests do seem a little generic.Truly esoteric or unusual hobbies are not represented.Upon logging in for the first time, you’ll be able to tell Stitch whether you’re looking for a romantic or non-romantic companionship, immediately making your Stitch experience in-tune to your intentions.Then you’ll be prompted to indicate whether you want to meet people near where you live or anywhere in the world.

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As a result, most users’ profiles read like a vague summary of popular hobbies: going to the movies, reading, sports.

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