Dollicia bryan dating hill harper methode rb sr dating

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Dollicia bryan dating hill harper

You wanna know why I find this picture above so hilarious?

Because when [Black] women around the globe found out that their epitome of a “Real man” was ‘stooping’ so low as to get it in with a two-bit video chick with some big breastesses and a round a*s, they felt he not only was disrespecting himself, but he was not acting in a manner fit for a “real man” which women HATE to see because it brings them one step closer to a sad and horrible truth: ” phrase anytime they find themselves at odds with a man in a conversation.

See, women construct a concept in their head that there is a mythical male out there who is totally devoid of the common intrinsic failures of most men, and represents the antithesis of the selfish, a*shole-like men who unfortunately pervade our society.

But who could blame him if he found love somewhere he never expected to.

I have heard women accuse men of not being “real” for everything from not paying for her and her friends dinner, to not eating her nani out, to a dude who tried to take his engagement ring back after his fiancée cheated on him. The fact is, at our core, all men are eerily similar.

So just in case you are keeping score, awould buy his girl and her friends expensive dinner at a nice restaurant, take his girl home and eat her nani out and go to bed without asking for anything in return and then when he finds out she cheated on him, he lets her keep the ,000 ring her bought her and utters a “Real man” line Are there men out there who do all the stuff mentioned above? Yes, we obviously all talk and act differently, but when it comes to the internal makeup of our most base desires, we all have a lot in common.

Sorry ladies, there is NO such thing as a “Real man” – just real good men doing their best to be better.

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He is seen with an Asian beauty recently when it comes to his dating life. Caption: Hill and Chloe with Boris Kodjoe at the Manifest Your Destiny toy drive on December 2013 Looking more into his girlfriend, she is a classically trained pianist. They were spotted together getting a little frisky on the waters of St. They were seen spending a lot of time together in their beach wear.

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