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Early man latest age dating

A single layer of elephant or mammoth ivory corresponds to a single year’s growth.

Amazingly, and unlike tree rings, micro-CT scans of the tusks can pick out much finer growth layers corresponding to periods of weeks or even days.

These include how fast it grew, the age of sexual maturity, the spacing of pregnancies, and the timing of the breeding season in fully grown males.

Second, close to the skull were three roughly basketball-sized boulders that shouldn’t have been there.

The site consists of fine layers of sediment that were probably the mucky bed of a pond.

Fisher has become a legend in anthropology circles by putting his meat locker theory to the test.

After butchering a dead draft horse, he stored the remains in a Michigan pond.

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Together with a preliminary radiocarbon date, that may put the find among the earliest convincing signs of humans in the Americas.