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Feeding off another human’s blood for “survival” is, quite literally, the stuff of horror fantasy.A small pocket of scientists—intrigued by how vehemently vampires defend their condition as authentic—have begun exploring the potential that it’s a mental disorder. Katherine Ramsland, a professor of forensic psychology at De Sales University, coined the term “Vampire Personality Disorder” several years ago.It’s no surprise to learn that he acts as a liaison between law enforcement and academia, on top of the media.

Understanding real-life vampires begins with distinguished between three types.

In his mind, it was less about choice than acceptance—an “awakening” to his true self.

“My identity as a real vampire represents a lifelong association—not a phase or temporary affinity,” he tells me.

It’s one of the reasons he proved an invaluable resource for a recent study by two social workers that made headlines nationwide.

Published in the journal Critical Social Work, it detailed the struggle those who identify as vampiric face in talking to social workers.

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Despite being “fiercely private,” Merticus is open to sharing to his story.