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The committee will continue trying to find a solution to this problem and if anyone has any ideas they would like to share, the committee would like to hear them.

It has been noted that year after year it is the same ouens paying their subs.

As the raison d’être for the Association is provide support to the ouens experiencing difficulties we are appealing to you our members to step forward once again and help our brothers in arms.

The subs for 2017 are R300.00 for Full Members and R150.00 for Legacy Members.

Len received a round of applause for his commitment. Having no questions the Financial Report was accepted.

A donation of R35 000 was made to the Shamwari Trust making the RLI RA (Africa) the biggest single contributor to the Shamwari Trust compared to any of the other units involved with the Trust. Debtors amount to R58 000 including outstanding membership fees and royalties from overseas sales of the Africa’s Commandos books. Proposed by Chris Ras and Seconded by Bucks Theron.

Resolution 03/2013 was authorizing the bank to add Charlie Norris as a signatory to the bank account and at the same time to remove Bill Wiggill as a signatory.

He then read out the Roll of Honour of the twenty two members who have passed on since the last AGM. Present – 15 of which 13 were voting members Apologies – Patrick Hill; Ian Bate; Pat Armstrong; Peter Mincher; Dave Pope; Richard Blaylock; Wayne Bouch; Dave Russell; John Cannon; Gary Huxham; Terry Pittaway; Luiz Figueredo; Mick Jeffrey; Mark Taunton; Gus Mason; John Cannon; Doug Mc Gibbon; John Norman, Nick Skipworth-Michell and Pete Gombart. Previous Minutes Accepted - The Chairman referred to the Minutes of the previous AGM and asked if anyone had any questions.The Nominal Roll is still being worked on but very little information is coming through.Old commando photos are a good source of information but it is time consuming recording all the names.In 2009 we had a total of 233 members, 2010 a total of 283 members, 2011 a total of 387, 2012 a total of 426 and in 2013 we had 435 members registered with the Africa branch of the Association.The breakdown of the current Africa branch membership as of yesterday morning is as follows: Life members – 6 (these members do not pay subs) Honourary members – 21 (these members do not pay subs) Affiliate members - 14 Associate members – 15 Full members – 352 Only 86 of these members have paid their subs for the 2014.

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Africa Branch Subscriptions RLI RA – AFRICA 2017 Membership Subscriptions It’s that time of the year when subs are due again.

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