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Humbersidedating com

You walk into the room and sit in that seat opposite your first “date”. You get 4 minutes to chat about anything you want, then the organiser blows a whistle or announces, it’s time for the next “date”.

You move to the next girl and keep going until you have had a 4 minute date with all of these girls.

Normally they are all single, but you cannot be sure.

Normally the girls are seated at tables with a spare seat, ready for the gentleman.

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Long before I had this blog, and when I was also single, back in 2004 as a student at Bournemouth University, in England, I went to a “Speed Dating night” with my friends Lock in Lee, Mad Mike and Jody.

Sure I found love for real on my journeys, time and time again, but that can break your heart eventually.

There is nothing worse than going on a date and the girl sees you as a sleazy guy after a one night stand (willy in, willy out tactic), so take the hint and get to know HER region.

You end up unstable and while I backpacked through North Korea, Australia, Italy, England and USA, I didn’t even find that everlasting love.

You move on again and any friendships you developed are defined only via Facebook.

A dot on my globe and part of my wacaday 151 country journey on planet earth.

Fast forward 13 years, it was now February 2017 and I found myself back in the Polish capital city of Warsaw, with depression, severe problems with trusting others and just destroyed by my own travels and what they didn’t bring me. It’s much more intelligent and co-ordinated than that.

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After doing your research, hone in on the locals, for example via Warwickshire dating or Torquay dating (Torquay is the home of Helen Chamberlain let’s not forget). This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at pm and is filed under Backpacking Advice.

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