Invalidating a european patent

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“I was quite surprised by the depth and relevance of the technical approaches they uncovered, some of which the client had never even imagined.” These included a novel approach using nanotechnology, as well as some little-known new research underway at U. AOP also works with large enterprises, even those with vast internal resources like the telecom giant AT&T and the billion technology giant Philips, the latter of which initially retained AOP to assist with its patent function.But as Brian Hinman, the firm’s retiring chief intellectual property officer, explained, the relationship soon expanded.According to The Moon on a Stick’s managing partner Sean Warren, the results were impressive.“AOP’s research crowd came back with 142 possible solutions or compositions that would enable the pipes to withstand the volatile hydrocarbon material and perform as needed,’ Warren noted.“AOP produced actionable intelligence that enabled us to make informed decisions regarding innovation focus, invention generation, and potential acquisitions.” To be sure, the robust AI systems now being designed and implemented do more than simply answer search queries.They can also manage systems, conduct operations, and take action.This is where the distinction between algorithms and human judgment becomes crucial.

We'll give you an RMA (return material authorization) number that will help us track your return and make sure you receive your refund or exchange as soon as possible.But to find a truly novel yet cost-effective solution, the company felt it needed human insight and expertise in multiple scientific and engineering disciplines.So it retained the British-based innovation consultancy The Moon on a Stick, which in turn called upon AOP for help.Earlier this year, for example, a small manufacturer based in Europe needed to develop a pipe system that could move highly-volatile and abrasive hydrocarbons like solvents and metal cleaning agents safely over long distances.Hydrocarbons tend to destroy everything they touch — park your car in a puddle of gasoline and your tires will swell and eventually rot.

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Their work often found that a “novel invention” wasn’t so novel after all.