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Liquidating a company capital gains

If you qualify for Entrepreneurs Relief, tax will only be charged at 10 percent instead of the normal capital gains tax rate of 18 or 28 percent.

Entrepreneurs’ Relief is available on up to £10million lifetime gains, which could result in a tax saving of £1.8million.

In a firm or corporate liquidation, or when a shareholder redeems his or her interest, it’s not uncommon for the business to distribute property as well as money in exchange for the capital stock a shareholder held.

When such a business distributes its property, it generally is deemed to have sold the property at fair market value, which requires it to recognize a gain (IRC section 336(a)).

THE QUESTION OF WHO "OWNS" the clients and customer-based intangibles turns on whether there is an employment or noncompete agreement in effect at the time the intangibles are distributed.

Without such an agreement, client goodwill attributable to the personal characteristics of a shareholder isn’t a property right belonging to, or transferable by, a firm.

A NONCOMPETE COVENANT, to be enforceable, must reasonably reflect an employer’s protectable interest in both the nature and the scope of the restraint on the employee.

The above needs to have applied for at least a year.

This can either be the year prior to the liquidation commencing, or the year prior to trade ceasing.

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The IRS asserts that distribution of “clients and customer-based intangibles” to shareholders is taxable, but the Tax Court has held that it isn’t if a noncompete agreement between the shareholder or employee and the firm does not exist.