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Men who do not meet the standard are directed to information and ways to protect and improve their sexual health so they can become a Blue Ribbon Boy.

Users will refresh their answers every three months.

This campaign is launched at a time when prevention messages for men who have sex with men urgently need refreshing.

Guys who become Blue Ribbon Boys are standing proudly as advocates for global HIV viral suppression and sexual health.Blue Ribbon Boys is a progressive, sex-positive, HIV viral suppression campaign that encourages dating/hookup app users to protect their sexual health.It's a forward-thinking partnership between the Global Forum on MSM and HIV and the gay app Hornet.It’s particularly innovative because it is inclusive of all men who have sex with men, regardless of HIV status.The campaign will reach 7.5 million MSM around the world using cutting-edge technology and modern messaging.

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Blue Ribbon Boys actively promotes early initiation of antiretroviral medications for HIV-positive men and widespread use of pre-exposure prophylaxis among HIV-negative men.

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