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Non camera sex talks

It’s the biggest conversation that’s not being had about something that everybody is doing,” she says, during a recent trip to Hong Kong.She is not anti-porn, she adds, she just disapproves of pornography that degrades women and promotes racial stereotypes – and that’s most of it. The Harvard-educated 41-year-old was co-producer and co-director of (2017).Consider Amy Poelher and Tina Fey – two , the slapstick police series that has just been renewed for a fourth season on American TV.Jones has long been a vocal critic of Hollywood’s treatment of women.Britain is poised to weaken a key pledge on Brexit as talks begin in Brussels on Monday.Ministers are considering offering EU migrants currently living in Britain the chance to bring non-EU spouses to live in this country.And there’s a lot of accepted behaviour in Hollywood that shouldn’t be normal,” she says.

The people we worked with knew who we were, and they knew we were filming, but they had to publicly disavow the show to get work again,” Jones says.

Jones is adamant that the women knew what they had signed up for. The porn industry doesn’t like light to be shone on its dark corners.

The show is not a favourite among the porn industry.

I am also a true believer that you can teach people how to evolve.

It is still possible for Hollywood to lead the way when it comes to important messages and representation,” she says.

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