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Non catholic dating a catholic

It seems that they will allow doctrines “not (explicitly) found in the Scriptures” but for Catholics to do this it is perceived as “adding to what is written”. Rather, they were written to attest to who Jesus was — “so that you may believe” (Jn. The Acts of the Apostles are a continuation of Luke’s gospel—he tells of the early Church and of Paul’s conversion and missionary travels. Paul’s letters are to those communities where there were issues that needed to be addressed.Most of our understanding of the Holy Trinity comes from the extensive writings of the Early Church Fathers such as St. He wrote personal letters to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.Almost all of Paul’s letters were composed before any of the gospels were written.Paul tells us in Acts when he addresses the people in Aramaic, he states that he was educated “at the feet of Gamaliel” which is quite significant because Gamaliel was a master of the oral law/tradition.A revision in the sense of the canonical Jewish text was necessary”.

After the new Christian sect fell out of favor with mainstream Judaism (around A. 90) and were driven away, the Jews took the Hebrew version of the Old Testament as their text because the Christians were adept at using the seven “other” books to convert people.However, not every belief in Catholicism is to be found word-for-word in Sacred Scripture.teachings of the Church, however, are in harmony with Sacred Scripture.I am uncertain as to why Protestants kept to the Hebrew version of the OT and rejected the version clearly used by Jesus.As for Sacred Tradition (not tradition w/small “t”), it is another way of handing on the faith—the Latin, “Traditio” means “to hand on”.

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This essay will look at the trifecta of the Church’s authority: The Bible, Tradition and the Magisterium.

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