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My bras are all nestled together, and my panties are folded perfectly.

You know which of my dresses need to go to the dry cleaners and which you can launder.

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It was feeling so good that I was making myself wet, and not from my bath. At this point, I was so turned by me touching myself. You have been working so hard lately with all those errands and Christmas traditions.

Slowly close my eyes as I insert one of my fingers into that tight little hole between my legs. Wouldn’t you like to take a break and let me help relax you? When you book a session with me, from now until Christmas, you get 5 free minutes. Lil Emma 866-930-0008 X 312 Tumblr & Twitter I have spent the autumn training you to be the perfect houseboy. Your favorite household task seems to be arranging my bras and panties just the way I like them.

Stockings, heels, and that red dress that was hanging in the window of your favorite clothing store.

The mannequin wore it well, but you will wear it better.

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As I was taking my hair band out, I started checking myself out in the mirror. I slip the lacey robe on just to how it fits, and I start feeling how smooth it is on my soft, delicate skin. I get into my bubble bath, and the hot water and bubbles feel amazing.