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Elizabeth Heathcote Undertow (Park Row Books 2017, UK 2016) is the story of Carmen, a free-lance London journalist happily married to Tom Cawton, a divorced father with three children.

Carmen wasn’t the cause of Tom’s divorce, and has a cordial relationship with his ex-wife Laura.

Steven Cooper Desert Remains (Seventh Street Books 2017) is set in Phoenix, Arizona, where a killer has left the body of a young woman in a cave in the desert, along with a crude carving depicting her murder.

While watching the press conference on the evening news, Gus Parker recognizes Detective Alex Mills, and gets a worrisome vibe about an attractive woman standing next to him.

New Additions New Hardcovers New Paperbacks New Large Print New Audio Book Awards Book Reviews Location Index Job Index Historical Index Diversity Index Genre Index Read-Alikes About this Site FAQ Newsletter Giveaway SYKM Store Contact Us Home became a cult classic, inspired two movies, and brought notoriety to Dorothy Kitchens, the real Kitten, and Ambletern, the family hotel where the book was set.

A hand-delivered invitation to Frances’s birthday party, with a note on the back saying “Edgar isn’t well,” brings a reluctant Meg to her mother’s apartment in New York City.

Desperate to make a life independent of her manipulative mother, Meg agrees and travels to Bonny Island to stay with Dorothy in the now-closed hotel.

Later visions lead to the scenes of additional murders and carvings, but not to the killer.

When Alex’s son is arrested for selling marijuana, his rival Timothy Chase, a former FBI forensic psychologist, inserts himself into the investigation and has little patience with Gus’s insights.

Gus is sure that the killer is also watching the woman on the news, and targeting her.

Though his day job is working at Valley Imaging doing mammograms and sonograms, Gus has a reputation for helping to solve crimes.

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Then she hears on the evening news that Alan Conway is dead.