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Pace says she’s particularly concerned about a friend she brought into Kelly’s circle when they were both teenagers and who multiple sources say still lives with Kelly.Kelly has adamantly denied allegations of wrongdoing, and one alleged victim, 21-year-old Joycelyn Savage, has said she is doing fine."They can't call him a pedophile anymore," Pace, then 15, told MTV. The star “seemed like a cool guy, and he would always speak to me when he saw me,” she recalls.She even got the singer’s autograph, which she provided to Buzz Feed News.

Several individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation have supported Pace’s claims.Pace's story is different than previously reported accounts because she was underage when she and Kelly began a sexual relationship.Pace says she is talking now — and breaking a signed nondisclosure agreement — because she is concerned about women still living with Kelly in what police have been told is an abusive “cult,” as Buzz Feed News first reported last month.“He didn’t have anything to sign, and neither did I, but my friend reached into her pocket and found an old bank slip, so I got his autograph on her bank slip.I laminated that.”That meeting with Kelly would not be her last.

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