Updating a xbox 360

Posted by / 10-Aug-2017 10:13

Updating a xbox 360

Like I said before the 360 can only play certain files and this will all be in vain if what they want to watch is an unsupported video file.

So to wrap it up I would update the dash through a USB stick anyway just so you can have the latest dash version, but for the optional media update you will most likely have to set up that wifi hotspot or find a friend with a 360 and internet.

The console update for the Xbox 360 may be copied from the Internet to a FAT 32 formatted USB drive. Step 2 – Download the latest x Box 360 update file from: and unzip the contents of the zip file to the USB stick in the root directory.

Step 3 – Plug the USB drive into the Xbox 360 console’s USB port and restart the x Box.

If worse comes to worse they both had 4GB of internet with their phone contract I can set up a wifi hotspot with the iphone and connect to it via the 360 and download it that way but it would take forever and I don't want to chew through all that data.

Since everyone does not use the x Box 360 in the same manner, Microsoft created four methods to update the software on the console: using x Box Live, installing from a game disc, copying to a USB flash drive, or burning to a CD or DVD. Step 2 – Select “My Xbox” on the game console and then choose the “System Settings” menu option.Step 3 – Choose “Network Settings” then select the “Wired Network” or name of the “Wireless Network” if the system requests this.Step 4 – Choose the “Test Xbox LIVE Connection” menu choice and select the “Yes” menu button if prompted to update the system software. Step 3 – Select the “Yes” menu button (if prompted) in order to update the system software.Yeah there is an optional media update that you need to download through the 360 to play certain videos.Some are suggesting the dash update, but I don't think that it actually comes on there. And I don't think you can actually bring just the hard drive for the optional media update as it is tied to the console (I think).

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