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Soos then almost reveals Dipper's huge crush on her by stating: "Dipper has a huge crush on.... " She soon leaves when Robbie arrives with his boom box and pleads for her to take him back.

Back at Soos' house, Mabel is worried on where they would stay, with Soos reminding her that Stan always has something figured out.

Soos then appears by Dipper, correcting him in that it was not a dream.

Mabel then remarks on how Soos' grandma is "old lady soft," and she starts rubbing her cheeks while squealing happily.

The scene then shows the Mystery Shack being covered by this mysterious shadow, followed with a wrecking ball hitting the top and breaking off part of the sign, recreating the ending of the previous episode.

Dipper wakes up screaming and announces that he had a horrible dream, that Gideon had stolen the deed to the Mystery Shack, and he and his family had to move in with Soos and his grandmother.

Depressed, Wendy states that now since she now has no job, she has to leave town and work at her cousins' lumbermill.

Dipper freaks out and says that she can't leave and that they need her.

Shandra Jimenez is seen on the TV talking about how Gideon had surprisingly taken over the Mystery Shack.

Waddles tries to escape through the window, but cowers in a corner due to Gideon's pig whistle and looks on, trembling in fear.

Gideon's father arrives and tells him that he should be celebrating Gideonland instead on looking at the book.

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Dipper, discouraged by losing to Gideon, mentions that he usually fixes everything before it goes wrong, and it's his fault that Gideon now owns the shack.