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To make matters worse, the ruthless Malachi brothers (Ken Lerner and Michael Pataki) intend to win the derby, using any dirty trick necessary—including their infamous "Malachi Crunch." Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Al (Al Molinaro), who takes over as the new owner of Arnold's Drive-In.

In 2009, TV Guide ranked this episode (along with part three) #87 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

In 2009, TV Guide ranked this episode (along with parts one and two) #87 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

When Fonzie gets in his eighth fight over the course of only a week, Howard suggests that he visit a psychologist (Bill Idelson), who comes up with an unusual way for Fonzie to vent his aggression--building bird houses.

With Pinky injured and out of the demolition derby (thanks to the "Mallachi Crunch"), Fonzie is left to fend for himself; but he has more than just beating the Mallachis on his mind--he wants to marry Pinky.

Note: The character of Pinky Tuscadero was to be written into the series as Fonzie's new long-term girlfriend; but due to disagreements between Roz Kelly and the producers, this three-part episode marked the character's only appearance in the series.

After he scores the winning basket, he becomes an overnight local hero and a big hit with the girls.

But when Richie's story is a big success, he plans to do a follow-up report, including how Fonzie has a phobia of liver.

After Potsie rescues Fonzie from a fire at the garage, Fonzie informs Potsie that he can have anything he wants.

Potsie wants only one thing: for Fonzie to be his best friend, and to do everything with him—including rollerskating.

Note: After Richie misses what would have been the game-winning free throw shot, Howard consoles him and delivers the closing line of the episode to Richie: "Here, have a Life Saver.

It'll make you feel better," a nod to the Life Savers commercials that aired during the 1970s.

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After Richie refuses Fonzie's request that he not mention it in the report, the two fall out and stop talking to each other.