Wpf listview not updating

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Wpf listview not updating

Each approach will be then discussed in detail and the following question will be answered: The simplest way of adding control into Visual Studio Toolbox is from within the IDE.

We will first take a look on Toolbox control integration in general to get a big picture.

After trying all the approaches, using VSPackage seems to be fastest and most universal one. I struggled with Toolbox integration earlier because there are several possible approaches (harder to decide between them). Sample Source Code This tutorial is intended for developers who would like to distribute their WPF or Win Forms controls and automatically put them into Visual Studio Toolbox during installation. Advantages: zero effort Disadvantages: require experienced users, slows user producitivity, updating controls is not intuitive Visual Studio 2005 SDK contained a VSPackage called Toolbox Control Installer. This increases chance they will actually purchase your product.

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