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Because of having a major illness myself, this has been a major eye opening time of life for me.

A normal adult dose of Sovereign SilverĀ® is one teaspoon (5ml) delivering 50mcg of active silver. When it comes to emerging strains of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and for tissue regeneration support, only Sovereign Silver is the best.

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd has a long history of making pedals and amplifiers.

First products were made in 2002 but story began years ago.

It is an omnipotent resource in the defense of health, one with which to confront the ever increasing immune challenges threatening man.A: Different forms, or species, of silver do not interact identically within the body.Not just ONE health supplement will keep your immune system strong enough.We have tested it on a MULTITUDE of ailments and found that it heals a multitude of various health issues.The potency is laser controlled to assure the levels of concentration remain at 10 ppm in Nanopure water.

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Mad Professor Amplification is the culmination of decades of work with guitars, amps and pedals.